Creating Joomla Website for Beginners

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Setting up a Joomla website is easier than setting up a website using other web design and development platforms. If you have no idea on how to set up a website, here are the highlights of creating it.

Steps to set up a Joomla website for beginners

To create a website, you need to create a domain name first. Make sure that your domain name is easy-to-remember and attention-grabbing. Your domain name must also represent what your website is about.

Once you decide the name of your domain, you must visit a joomla webhosting service to sign up your domain name. There are various webhosting services that you can find out there. But not all of them offer you with the best service. Read the review and rating first before you sign up to one of these services. Once you find the best one, you can then start signing up your domain name. It is not always necessary to have your domain name with .com. You can set .net or .org for your Joomla website address.

After you sign up, you must choose the joomla hosting package. The webhosting company usually offers you with various choices of hosting plans. These plans are usually categorized based on the level. For beginners who need to set up a personal web or home-based web, basic hosting plan will be suitable. For corporate websites or e-commerce websites, a more professional hosting package is what you need. The prize of the hosting package varies from one service to another. A basic plan usually costs between $3 and $4 while a more professional one costs between $8 and $20.

Once you have a domain name and webhosting, you must start install Joomla on your computer. You can download it via the webhosting service. Installing this web design platform is free so that you do not need to pay additional fee. After, you install it on your PC, you can start manage the content of your website via Joomla admin interface.

Why choose Joomla and not other web application

There are several choices of web application or CMS, such Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and Quick.Cms. However, only one or two of them which offer you with everything you need to create impressive and powerful websites. AndJoomla is one of the best web design and development platforms in this world. It offers you with functional and excellent features. It has 8,000 extensions in the JED (Joomla Extension Directory). The extensions are divided into five categories. They are components, templates, plugins, languages, and modules. With the Joomla features, you can create online catalog of your products. You can also manage your store inventory easily. With this open source CMS, you can manage your web content no matter the type of the files are.